The Get Well Cat has long been a supporter of The Norse Star Network and all its great content. Inspired by Bjorn, a man whom he idolizes, The Get Well Cat, Bryce started his own blog to document his amazing journey though weight loss. Go check out The Get Well Cat by clicking the image below to read the blog that is changing the way weight loss is done. Motivation, entertainment, and education you'll find it all here. 

The Get Well Cat Official T

The Get Well Cat is a man on a mission. A mission to take control of his wellness and inspire other to do the same. Over the past year he has cleaned up his diet and started training right. He has gained notoriety in the blogosphere with his aptly titled blog, Get Well Cat.  For knowledge and inspiration visit

The Get Well Cat T Shirt features original art work/design by Bjorn Johnson (host of The Bjorn Johnson Internet Program) and is printed by the good folks over at TheJab Shop. When you buy a Get Well Cat T-Shirt you are helping to support The Get Well Cat's blog and his mission.

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