One of the goals here at TNSN is to meet interesting people, talk with them, learn from them, and help spread their message and work. Below you will find links/information on some really cool folks we and TNSN have had the privilege to get to know. 


Dylan Mcfarling

Dylan is hard to describe in just a few sentences.. Is he just a bad ass Jiu Jitsu blue belt? Is he just a skilled striker? Is he just an amazing independent singer-writer? No! he's all of the above and much more. Dylan is a very interesting guy and a tremendous musical talent. I really suggest you check out his debut album "A Work In Progress" and help support him and the amazing local music scene here in Minnesota. You can find out more about Dylan and his album at

Danny Zwilling

Danny is a former pro wrestler, BJJ blue belt, BJJ instructor, all around bad-ass, and now a blog author. His new blog Mind & Body talks about getting your life together with ideal nutrition, exercise, and mind development. It is also very entertaining. Check it out at

Tim Sarych

Tim is a former coworker and a great friend. Tim actually does two different blogs, both of which are very informative and entertaining.

Blogging Rookie is Tim's thoughts and writings on his journey through life. He opens up and offers great insight on a life in general. Check it out at 

Tim is also an avid sports fan. On his Minnesota Sports Scene blog, Tim offers a fresh perspective on sports in Minnesota, with a quality writing and deep thought. Check it out at

Collectible And Promotional Glasses Tim has a knack for finding cool collectible glasses. This FaceBook page showcases his great finds. Find it at

TheJab Shop

My good friends Cory and Amy Soine run a neat little independent graphics design/print shop. Amy consistently impresses me with her design skills and high quality printing. They do all the printing of TBJIP products like t-shirts, hats, and fight shorts. If you need some printing done, check them out on FB at


The Farm Market Cafe'

One of my favorite places to eat is The Farm Market Cafe' in Onamia, MN. A majority of the ingredients are locally sourced, the meals are cooked from scratch, and the service is awesome. Next time you are heading up north on 169, stop at the Cafe' and try them out.

Abide Yoga Collective

Abide Yoga is Spokane's Premier Yoga Collective! Our mission is to find the most skilled and passionate teachers to bring you high quality, diverse, inspring classes. Abide also offers daily classes, workshops as well as Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training. Find abide at

D4tification is media and content creators using multiple platforms to share their passions with you. Find their great content at